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Lovely Fort Collins, Colorado, a college town with lots of money.

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Mission Statement

Briq Haus Ltd. intends to interface and contract with other services and professionals  to provide customized logistic and analytic solutions to our clients while developing innovation at a local physical headquarters.

What does it mean for you?

Located an hour north of Denver, Fort Collins has a lot to offer for new ventures in cybersecurity startup. I’ll take a moment to lay the scene, and demonstrate why.

I have lived in Fort Collins for most of my life—since 1991 to be specific. I have watched the face of our mild college town grow and morph along with the times as business constantly move in and out. Namely the numerous restaurants and pubs lining the main drag.

Lately something amazing is happening locally, as various collaborative and creative projects and workshops are offering their services to the public. I will outline a few.

Who else is in the field?

Galvanize, Inc.
1062 Delaware Street
Denver, CO 80204

This is a spot that opened a very prestigiously located campus in beautiful downtown Fort Collins at 242 Linden St. Fort Collins CO 80524. Their phone number is (970) 592-0075. Galvanize offers full stack development courses in web development, though when I approached them to inquire about cybersecurity, their reaction seemed guarded.

What is missing in this picture?

Fort Collins Digital Workshop LLC.
324 Remington St. Suite 130
Fort Collins, CO 80524

I had a similar experience with this establishment. As a social engineer and intelligence professional, I exercise the ability to network with a variety of people. They offer web development and coding classes, shared and private offices, and a classroom for rental. Upon another professional inquiry regarding logical security, they simply shut down.

The quest goes on.

Fort Collins Creator Hub
406 North College Ave.
Fort Collins, CO 80524

This is a non-profit establishment provides access to sophisticated tools that the public might not otherwise have. They boast a laser engraver, a CNC router, and 3D printer, among others. Their meetups and open houses are interesting, though upon my analysis do not draw many people. Their response to my offer to house a server and host cybersecurity educational outreach: a resounding negative.

What are they afraid of?

The Usual Suspects

Colorado State University & Front Range Community College offer some solid courses on the subject of interest. This is, however, not the target niche market. The ideal vision resembles a model similar to the aforementioned entities, though with the offering of specific cybersecurity training and product development.

My final analysis from this evidence proves that there is no business venture of this sort in this area, which shows serious opportunity to the savvy investor with vision and motivation.

More Investigative Analyses

My professional assessment of the security awareness present in Northern Colorado indicates that such ideas as internet street smarts, risk exposure, and vulnerability are simply overlooked or ignored. Here is some photographic evidence to prove this.


Colorado State University Engineering Building – – – Exposed network infrastructure.


Near a bus stop I found this seemingly innocuous green box.


Closer inspection reveals a target!


The lid was unsecured, and lifted right off to reveal this Motorola node. A cybercriminal or hacker’s methodology would lead them to research this device to discover known vulnerabilities, then potentially own the block.

Whitehat Methodology & Ethics

Finding vulnerabilities is not specific to the would be cyber-actor, but the necessary upkeep of the whitehat defender or system administrator. Another of her or his duties includes sharing the risk exposure analysis with the public to bring about their awareness, and protection from exploitation. This is what I want to do for a living. It is my passion.

The abundance of educational and collaborative computer entities in Fort Collins, Colorado, shows the market interest in entering the future as developers and marketers. Their unwillingness to reason on the issue of cybersecurity, by any means, shows clear and marked vulnerability challenges in the immediate future.

Now Is The Time

A partner would see large returns on investment in cybersecurity educational outreach or product deployment in Northern Colorado. The target clientele of law firms and microbusinesses with enough resources to consider cybersecurity services are a ready source for marketing campaigns. The public deserves access to security intelligence and best practices, with the added benefit of being a profitable endeavor for Briq Haus Ltd. and its partners.

Thank you again for reviewing our mission. We look forward to developing a professional relationship with you—please feel free to contact us at your leisure.