HOW2HACK – Spear Phishing Your Facebook Friend With Social Engineering, URL Redirect & Chained Attack

This is an old post I dug up for the sake of building more security blog entries.

DJ_Mission | IN DA MIX!!!

spear fisher

Hello friends–recently I am hosting a live capture the flag event for penetration testing / hacking methodology practice. You can find the post here: REDTEAM CTF CHALLENGE

While chatting with one of the participants, I decided to rack up a few points from the malicious attack category (though I assure you what I did was harmless. . . mostly!). First I had to get him interested enough in knowing me to talk. Now I will discuss how Social Engineering can be employed with a low level of technology to make an effective attack.

I demonstrated value by discussing that I was a DJ and provided a link to this page: DJ_Mission – Mixcloud

However the page was put through a redirect site which takes the clicker’s IP address in a log dump and makes it available to you through the front end. No programming required! The page I used to…

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