Robert On Being Cyberpunk | Kali Linux 2.0 Live USB 3ncrypt3d Persistence


Encrypted Hack Stick Deployment

Running Kali Linux from a live encrypted persistent USB stick is useful, because you can use it on any PC, save your settings, and even nuclear encrypted partition to ditch any digital forensics you may have accumulated while hacking.

Here are the articles I used to get it done:…/install-kali-live-usb-d…/

Cyberpunk Culture { what it really means }

High tech low life—being a #CyberpunkMagneticOperator as designated by Enid Isabel Van Zyl sometimes means looking like a bum but working in the future. Time travel is stressful—that means you can see the future, and hardly anyone else is looking. #INTELLIGENCE field work requires one to have composite and sleek tools. My #KALI #LINUX bootable usb with live encrypted persistence is the shit because now I can #HACK anytime, anywhere, and wipe my fingerprints with the nuke function.

With much #POWER comes much #RESPONSIBILITY and an increase in #WISDOM is an increase in #SORROW.