Live Byzantine Attack {proof of concept}

Here is a real-time glance into a live ‪#‎BYZANTINE‬ ‪#‎ATTACK‬, more commonly known as ‪#‎MITM‬ or man-in-the-middle ‪#‎ARP‬ ‪#‎POISONING‬.

Because I did not succeed in doing the attack through the ‪#‎VIRTUALBOX‬ bridged connection, I ‪#‎HACKED‬ it my own way. . .

By creating the ‪#‎KALI‬ ‪#‎LINUX‬ 2.0 live bootable with persistence ‪#‎USB‬ stick!

Here is my ‪#‎PROOF‬ of concept. For someone of my narrow skillset, this is a powerful attack which works every time I try, and absolutely filters every bit of network traffic through my machine—where occasional cleartext login credentials may be displayed.

I’m still trying to learn the way to defend against an attack as subtle and subversive as possible with ‪#‎ETTERCAP‬

]CYBR] [PUNK[ Hacking Security & Intelligence


Screenshot from 2016-02-23 00-10-38Screenshot from 2016-02-23 00-12-13

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