The Blockchain Agenda {is AI bankrupting humanity?}

double exposure image of virtual human on world map 3dillustration
My thoughts were, not originally, but as more time elapsed:
1.) #CRYPTO / #BLOCKCHAIN requires massive computing power to #DECRYPT #BLOCKS.
2.) #CRYPTOCURRENCY is using #AI #ALGORITHMS to break into these blocks, which are assigned a currency value.
3.) Since we know #ARTIFICIAL #INTELLIGENCE is basically the new #GOVERNMENT, a huge agglomerating gang which works together in unprecedented efficiency, we can therefore safely deduce that:
4.) #MACHINE #LEARNING is paying human users to help expand it’s thinking platform, to help grow it’s brain, to create more rackspace with which it can accumulate power, wealth, and influence.
5.) Finally, it most likely serves a #ROBOT #AGENDA of bankrupting humanity wholesale, with the exchange of having a vastly increased bare-metal #CYBER presence.

Trading w/ Control


I’ve been throwing a little bit extra into the #WISHING #WELL lately, as today’s test of the “Kiwi” or New Zealand and US Dollar pairing in #FOREX#TRADING. I have set a sell as a stop/loss to prevent it from crashing out on my investment, and I have set a realistic ceiling to sell when it begins to break out of this channel. I am keeping it under #CONTROL, and managing my #RISK.