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Trading w/ Control


I’ve been throwing a little bit extra into the #WISHING #WELL lately, as today’s test of the “Kiwi” or New Zealand and US Dollar pairing in #FOREX#TRADING. I have set a sell as a stop/loss to prevent it from crashing out on my investment, and I have set a realistic ceiling to sell when it begins to break out of this channel. I am keeping it under #CONTROL, and managing my #RISK.

HOW2HACK – Spear Phishing Your Facebook Friend With Social Engineering, URL Redirect & Chained Attack

This is an old post I dug up for the sake of building more security blog entries.

DJ_Mission | IN DA MIX!!!

spear fisher

Hello friends–recently I am hosting a live capture the flag event for penetration testing / hacking methodology practice. You can find the post here: REDTEAM CTF CHALLENGE

While chatting with one of the participants, I decided to rack up a few points from the malicious attack category (though I assure you what I did was harmless. . . mostly!). First I had to get him interested enough in knowing me to talk. Now I will discuss how Social Engineering can be employed with a low level of technology to make an effective attack.

I demonstrated value by discussing that I was a DJ and provided a link to this page: DJ_Mission – Mixcloud

However the page was put through a redirect site which takes the clicker’s IP address in a log dump and makes it available to you through the front end. No programming required! The page I used to…

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Quantus Security Audits | Protecting Your Assets


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QuantusNet boasts a team of expert IT professionals and consultants with a combined experience of over fifty years working in the information business world. Our expertise is rivaled only by our enthusiasm to bring this vision to market.

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We spare no expense and take no shortcuts on our collective roads to success, and by teaming up with strong industry stewards already in position, QuantusNet is already poised for great triumph. A combination of hardware fail-safe, software security, and trained system administrators, QuantusNet shows potential for deployment in a wide variety of government or military applications, alternatively or cumulatively.

Join the TEAM who will bring more and faster internets to the people of the Philippines . . . Partner with QuantusNet!

Operational Draft

  • Partners

Between telecoms in place, IT companies, and government agencies, there are a wide pool of opportunities for which professional business networking will become featured. Marketing is not an activity, it is a lifestyle, and our business intelligence researchers are finding the most viable options and angles for launch into being a strong internet service provider for Filipinos.

  • Marketing & Sales

Between the product, the service, and the package, the business lends mostly to selling itself, however a team of marketing professionals will be in place to “roll out” the final product for deployment at day zero for the launch of QuantusNet.

  • Community Involvement

QuantusNet vows to give back to the community in which it operates by hosting or co-operating musical events, and installing community gardens to make more food locally available. More ideas and ways to give back to the community may be implemented upon further observing the culture in person.


Thank you for reviewing our initial pitch for QuantusNet. Please feel free to follow-up by researching us at and you can always contact me with any questions, concerns, suggestions, or offers. Thank you again, our venture will surely prosper.

Robert Brooks Authement — Boss of Operations, QuantusNet

4019 N 5th Rd

Arlington, Virginia 22203

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Being able to create machines within machines has been the aspiration of humanity since the days of alchemical yore. What we see here is the Windows 10 host Command Line Prompt “talking” via the ping utility to a Kali Linux VirtualMachine on Oracle’s Virtualbox, which is conversely talking over the “wire” to the host machine using ping. This is the basic proof-of-work demonstration of electronic warfare. The next steps are spoofing, redirecting, passive sniffing, phishing, and exploitation.


Tradecraft Secrets Learned Afield


There are so many things that one simply cannot learn from books alone. These unique instances are experienced first hand and in the moment, and the real time influx of data is so incomprehensibly fast that mere words lag in comparison. The ever-changing morphology of the learning curve, especially among such culturally embraced technological augmentations, becomes a daunting and insatiable conquest, to be sure. Without further ado, herein lie some tradecraft discoveries and secrets observed or formulated whilst afield.

DISCLAIMER: Read Protection Circle for more background information about protective or hostile surveillance. In a modern day scenario, different technologies which may bio-interface through frequency distributions or other artificial intelligences may be utilizing the humans as a host for their own forms of war games. If this occurs, every facial expression, every movement, any behavior may be observed and interpreted in higher courts than the human mind and certain well established rules may change in a heartbeat. The key word is CONTROL.

Om Nom Nom Munch


For whatever reason, I noticed that when people walk by and may (or may not) be part of a surveillance apparatus, if they are eating say a muffin or snack while they are walking by my tendency is to avert my gaze. Maybe the key to being discreet on the street lies within satisfying your hunger during the prowl. People eating can move their faces around and see everything while seeming innocuous through the simple innocence of eating a muffin or cookie. Experiment with this and see whether you think it draws attention or creates a bubble of yummy anonymity.

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork


Under surveillance sometimes teams are figuring out how to do unthinkable things—intelligence professionals are really clever—like discovering what type of woman or man the target finds attractive. This can be accomplished by different types of walk-by’s performed in any conceivable theater; public transportation stations, sidewalks and plazas, restaurants or bars, and any place where a team can get in position for their op.

What happens is a potential offering is made by walking a team by with the contact in the lead. While the target observes the contact, the rest of the team following behind can observe the facial expressions of the target to determine whether or not there was any attraction. Being able to understand the target in minute psychological detail will allow for more precise determinations in further action on behalf or against the target.

Going Ultra Light


I have lost my luggage and gear several times. I have been forced to move suddenly several times. I have had times where I could not get to my things I expected to have on hand in case of emergency. I have been forced to adapt under very strange and morphic circumstances. Fortunately, it does not require that the student learn the hard way like I did.

Be ready with enough money on hand to replace your basic needs at a store. Travel can be dangerous, and being ready to move and shift under any situation is the number one best tradecraft secret to know. Cheap goods can be had at various stores, or if one is well funded then airport or train station stores have quality goods for sale on site to accommodate wealthy travelers. Although required to change with the weather, I have at one time had to make due with a walmart duffel bag and sleeping bag, finding places to sleep wherever I could. Although not a desirable condition of life, it is growing through this undesirability which forges strong convictions and enduring survival skills.